Indian Hand-made products Industry needs Supply chain Innovation to solve the existing problems in it effectively. Our One-Room Franchise model provides a parallel demand side channel to the consumers. This model not only increases the reach but also cuts short the prices of the products because of the drop in overheads that large retail stores incur.


One-Room Franchise model of selling is a win-win situation for every stakeholder- the weaver, the Franchisee owner and the customer. Weaver communities have an access to urban markets and an improved Cash cycle and Franchisee Owners can earn an additional monthly income and the customer also spends less on a product of the similar quality.


Participated in 30+ exhibitions in Flea markets, as CSR initiatives of Corporates, Institutions, Handloom Melas in metropolitan cities like Mumbai & Bangalore. Our One-Room Franchise Model is in implementation stage in Bangalore with individual entrepreneurs showing enthusiasm to collaborate with us.

Our Story

Fabric Monde is a school of thought which first took shape in 2008 as Subha service society with a motto to do social good in a small village Palakol, Andhra Pradesh through charity activities. Through mobilizing crowd funding, it touched lives of about 600 rural population.

It evolved from its frame of being a charity based organization to an empowerment focused skill-development centre in 2011 as Finesse Creations. It out-fitted 400 women with a wide-variety of skills in the last 5 years.

Today, in 2016 again, Fabric Monde has reincarnated to do social good with the efficiency that business processes bring in into the system. It sets out on its journey as a social enterprise to add value and transform 10,000 lives

Our Business Model

Next Steps...

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